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On May the 12th 2011 I achieved my dream to climb
Mt Everest the worlds highest mountain. This was a culmination of years of high altitude mountain climbing, physical and mental training... Read more

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For specialised expedition training weekends in the Blue Mountains, mountaineering courses in the Snowy Mountains and private instruction courses please visit the Allie Pepper Adventures website, www.alliepepperadventures.com.au.

Everest 2011

Allie at the Summit of Everest

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to read all about my amazing journey to the summit of Mount Everest


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Latest News

Lhotse Second Rotation

Posted on Tuesday 16th May, 2017

It is the 16th of May and I am writing from Dingboche. I didn’t expect to still be here and should be at Base Camp or on my way to the summit by now but I have been really sick with gastro intestinal problems. It’s not been easy the last week or so because of… Read more

Island Peak Summit

Posted on Sunday 23rd April, 2017

Hi folks, I hope you all had a great Easter and had some fun long weekend adventures! Well Sonia, Nathan and I have been on the go since we arrived in Kathmandu. We were greeted by Babu Sherpa who has helped organise all my expeditions here since 2007 and it was so great to see… Read more


Allie on Bigpond Sports after her expedition to Manaslu & Lhotse

Allie calls from Manaslu Base Camp via Satelite Phone

Allie challenges the Bigpond Sports hosts to a rock climbing challenge

Training in the Grose Valley

Allie Pepper on Bigpond Sport - Part 1

Allie Pepper on Bigpond Sport - Part 2


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