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On May the 12th 2011 I achieved my dream to climb
Mt Everest the worlds highest mountain. This was a culmination of years of high altitude mountain climbing, physical and mental training... Read more

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Everest 2011

Allie at the Summit of Everest

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About Me

Allie Pepper

On May the 12th 2011 I achieved my dream to climb Mt Everest the worlds highest mountain. This was a culmination of years of high altitude mountain climbing, physical and mental training. I haven't always been such a high achiever however.

When I was a teenager I was not really interested in school and my academic subjects so consequently failed my Higher School Certificate. I travelled around Australia in my van and fruit picked to earn a living. I then decided I was a punk and travelled to England for the festivals and the parties. After partying myself out, I found that I had a really low self esteem due to not having any clear focus or direction in my life. So I travelled once again, this time to India and Nepal to find myself on a spiritual journey. In 1998 I went trekking through the Annapurna region of Nepal and I was not very physically fit at the time. I hiked up around 1000mt of altitude to arrive exhausted at a small village on a mountaintop. Towering above me was Annapurna 1 and I clearly remember looking up at the summit in awe and thinking how amazing it is that people actually stand on top of these giant majestic mountains.

Allie with Indian Family

Years later in 2007 I stood on the top of my first 8000mt peak, Cho Oyu in Tibet. I was the second Australian female to do so without the use of supplementary oxygen and I climbed to the summit on my own. I had come a long way since that first Himalayan trek 10 years earlier.

In 1999 I decided to head to my local Blue Mountains TAFE to find some direction in my life by starting a course. I browsed through all the brochures and only one stood out. I read the title wrong and thought it said “Outdoor Re Creation”. Perfect, I loved the outdoors and wanted to recreate myself so I signed up and consequently changed my life. I had found something that I was interested in and that I enjoyed, so consequently my self confidence grew.

A year later I had the opportunity to join a mountaineering course in New Zealand and thus began my addiction to mountain climbing. Apart from New Zealand, mountaineering has taken me to the Andes of South America where I lived and guided for 3 years altogether before I decided I was ready for the Himalayas.


I currently live and work as an outdoor leader, trainer and assessor and inspirational speaker in the Blue Mountains, Australia. I teach on the same course that began my outdoor career back in 1999 and enjoy empowering new outdoor leaders to achieve their goals in their own careers. I am passionate about adventure, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. I aim to inspire others to be positive and motivated about their own dreams and goals through my mountaineering, teaching, guiding and speaking. Every journey begins with a single step and you never know what you are truly capable of until you give it a go. The greatest challenges in life can offer the highest and most fulfilling rewards.

High Altitude Biography

Peak Country Altitude Date
Manaslu Nepal 8163m May 2012
Everest Nepal 8848m May 2011
Lobuche East Nepal 6119m April 2011
Mera Peak* Nepal 6476m May 2008
Imja Tse* (Island Peak) Nepal 6189m April 2008
Cho Oyu (Without oxygen, second Australian Female after Sue Fear) Tibet 8201m May 2007
(Via Plaza Argentina)
Argentina 6962m January 2007
February 2007
(Via the Guanacos Valley Route)
Argentina 6962m February 2004
December 2004
January 2005
February 2005
Maparaju* Peru 5326m August 2004
Artesonraju (Via the Southeast Face) Peru 6025m August 2004
Huascaran Norte* Peru 6664m July 2004
Vallunaraju* Peru



August 2003
July 2004
La Esfinge Peru 5327m August 2003
Ishinca* Peru 5530m July 2003
Cerro Franke Argentina 5100m October 2002
Alpamayo (Via the Ferrari Route) Peru 5947m August 2002
Tocllaraju* Peru 6032m July 2002
Urus* Peru 5495m July 2002
July 2003
Chopicalchi* Peru 6354m July 2002
Pisco* Peru 5752m July 2002
Cerro Ramada Argentina 6400m February 2001
Cerro Platta Argentina 6000m January 2001
March 2007
Aconcagua* (Via the Falso Polacos Route) Argentina 6962m December 2000
*As Expedition Leader (guiding clients) on these peaks


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